Saturday, August 9, 2008

A KSK Documentary And Write Out

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The Story of Kun Seng Keng over the past 19 Years

Kun Seng Keng was founded in the year 1989. that same year, they won the Malaysian championship title. They then asked the judges for comments on their performance. One of the judges a certain Master Siow said to them "Congratulations on becoming the champions“.
“But the sad story is, I don't know what you guys are performing and what story you are trying to tell“.
Leader Tan Choong Hing then decided to ask Master Siow to teach Kun Seng Keng. Master Siow accepted and in 1990 officially became head coach of KSK.
In the year 1992, Tan and Siow lead the team to Hong Kong to participate in the World Lion Dance Championship. Sadly KSK was not able to gain enough financial support to pay for all the expenses. Tan took action and sold off his property to the bank. This selfless act enabled the team to get the finance to cover all the expenses including the air tickets, food and all the export expenses that were incurred.
On reaching Hong Kong the team were belittled with people asking them “where is Malaysia”. At that time lion dance teams were adults and KSK group consisted of teenagers. So the organisers asked them if they serious about competing with a bunch of teenagers or if they were just here for a vacation.
Regardless of the criticism the team won the championship. On their return there was no heroes welcome for the team. Instead they received insults from critics accusing them of buying the world title and of bribing the judges. Rather than descend to the level of their critics, the team replied in the manner they knew best and that was to win one championship title after the other. Once the public and the lion dance fraternity started seeing the team’s phenomenal success, the criticism turned into a new found respect for the team.
Even with their amazing success and fans from around the world. The team was in a very unstable position, as they did not have their own training ground. Instead had to rely on others to allow them to train on their property. Finally after being established for 19 years the team finally got their home and the training centre was opened in 2008.
Success wasn't easy for the team as along the way they lost several times to various great teams from around the World. Today, KSK is a successful teams with many new exciting challenges ahead. One of these challenges includes opening new branches for others to learn the unique skill of KSK, and that has started with a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1992 Hong Kong World Lion Dance Championship

KUN SENG KENG TEAM A (World Champion)

Kun Seng Keng Team B (Second Runner Up)